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Sazze is a parent company of various E-Commerce websites. I worked on several different products at Sazze, but was primarily a designer for DealsPlus: A hub for deals, coupons, and trending e-commerce news.

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Thoughts & Problems:
There were several questions we all had. How do we increase our conversions? Do we change and add features? How should our site be organized? Are the categories correct? Is the user-flow working from beginning to end? What are useful things that shoppers who are seeking savings need? What are our business requirements?

Understanding Our Demographic:
• 70% of our users are female and 30% are male

• The median age of our users is 30

• The average annual income of our users is $80,000

• Over 90% of our users tell their friends about deals they find on DealsPlus.

I collaborated with the CEO, Product Manager, and Software Devs. We had data for click-through, bounce, and conversion rates that informed us and how our users were interacting with our website. Because of our small team and limited resources, we did a lot of internal user-testing and design feedback cycles. Google Optimize was what we used when we did A/B testing on designs. Our visitors ranged from 50k-80k per day which allowed us to get a decent sample of data and see how our designs stood up.

A key change was of the "Enter Your Email Here" box above the fold, which significantly improved our daily lead generation by 76%—1700 signups to 3000 signups per day.


An assortment of Features:
Competitors like Retailmenot, Coupon Cabin, Coupons.com and Groupon were ahead of the game and we needed to "Catch Up." To improve our website, we went through a spree of different features such as, Q&A, Reviews, Gift Guides, and trying to combine one of our other IP's and called it "Shop the Look." These were grand attempts but we ended up refining our bread & butter by focusing on our Email Leads/conversion.

We tried our best to give our users value. Below are some examples of the iterations of features that were attempted. Some lived, and some were immediately cut.

Added the Q&A section at the bottom of the STore PAGES

Added the Q&A section at the bottom of the STore PAGES

(Yes, Fidget SPinners, blew up during this period.) 😆

(Yes, Fidget SPinners, blew up during this period.) 😆

Gift Guides

Gift Guides

Shop The Look (The backend would retrieve the items listed from the Influencer’s post)

Shop The Look (The backend would retrieve the items listed from the Influencer’s post)

DealsPlus Admin:
The Business Development Team needed a more robust way to manage, monitor and analyze their Ad Placements. One of the key things the Biz Dev Team utilized was Google Calendar to keep track of their accounts. Along with the dated backend dashboard that they were using, I attempted to redesign and combine key elements of Google Calendar into one dashboard.

I had meetings with the Biz Dev Team and asked about their daily routines and how they utilized the older dashboard. Some of their current pain points were switching back and forth from the old dashboard to Google Calendar, and readability of information.

I took elements of Google Calendar that were useful to the Biz Dev Team and implemented them into the designs. These were the mockups after a few design reviews.

1 Week View

1 Month View

single Day View

Create a Placement

Stand-Alone Mobile App:
I was assigned to update some of the UI/Visual Design in our Mobile App.


Ads & Banners:
DealsPlus accomodates several thousand merchants throughout the year. (I created A LOT of banners/ads utilizing and adapting the creative assets from each merchant/client) 😀 Here are a few:


Visual Designer


Another product I worked on at Sazze was Whym; a go-to cheap/discounted tickets mobile app. The app provides bookings, tours, special events, attractions & more in select cities around the world.

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